Welcome to Mrs. Pilcher’s Bookshelf!

Welcome to Mrs. Pilcher’s Bookshelf. I am a K-5 school librarian in a private school. My previous library experience ranges from small college libraries to public libraries. My library science degree is from Mizzou (University of Missouri–Columbia). I am thankful for the different library work settings I have had, but I’m really enjoying being a school librarian.

When schools were forced to close down this past spring, I felt like I lost touch with my students. In an effort to re-connect, and have some fun, my husband and I decided to start making videos to promote books. We had so much fun doing it, we decided to continue making them after the school year was over. This will be my place to post my videos, along with other book reviews I may have.

Please enjoy and comment, especially if you have books you would like for me to promote.

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