Episode 13, “The Salamander Room”

Children’s Book Reviews at Mrs. Pilcher’s Bookshelf

Where is Mrs. Pilcher this week? This week’s book is a story is about a girl who resolves to make the world more beautiful. What do you think the title of this book is? It involves flowers and her great-aunt. Here are some clues — the story was written illustrated by Barbara Clooney, published by Puffin Books, and written for children ages 5-8 years. Last week’s book “The Salamander Room” is a story about a boy who brings home a pet salamander and he uses his imagination of how the salamander lives with him. It was written by Anne Mazer. This story was published by Random House Children’s Books and was written for children ages 5-8. If you enjoy this video, please click the thumbs up to like and follow!

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