Episode 10, “America’s White Table”

Children’s Book Reviews at Mrs. Pilcher’s Bookshelf

Where is Mrs. Pilcher this week? This week’s book is about a cat who takes on a big responsibility. What do you think that might be? What do you think the title of this book is? Here are some clues — it was written by Carol Talley and Illustrated by Itoko Maeno; published by Marsh Media, for children ages 6-9 years. Last week’s book “America’s White Table” is about a special patriotic table. Next time you are at a Memorial or Veteran’s Day service, observe if there is a table set. This book is why there is that table. Written by Margot Theis Raven and illustrated by Mike Benny. It was published by Sleeping Bear Press for children ages 6-10 years.

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