Episode 9, “The Raft”

Children’s Book Reviews at Mrs. Pilcher’s Bookshelf

Where is Mrs. Pilcher this week?

This week’s book is about a special patriotic table set to honor our armed forces, especially those who never make it home. What do you think the title of this book is? Here are some clues — the book was written by Margot Theis Raven and illustrated by Mike Benny. It was published by Sleeping Bear Press for children ages 6-10 years. Last week’s book “The Raft” is about a boy who spends the summer with his grandmother on a river and raft. Oh, the summer it turns out to be. This book was written and illustrated by Jim LaMarche and published by Harper Collins Publishers for children ages 4 -8 years. If you enjoy this video, please click the thumbs up to like and follow!

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