What a Name? Episode 34

Have you ever heard of a dog having three names?

Our book this time is titled “Three Names.”

“Three Names” is a story told from a boy’s perspective about his great-grandfather and a stray dog that showed up at the farm and became a part of the family. Three Names loves to take part of the daily farm life, too, but he especially loves to go to school. When school is out for the summer, he’s a little sad that they don’t get to go school. A wonderful story about a boy and his dog! Three Names was written by Patricia MacLachlan, and illustrated by Alexander Pertzoff. It was published by Charlotte Zolotow Books (an imprint of HarperCollins Publications), c1991.

Our next book is about a little girl with an unusual name; it’s actually the name of a flower. She loves her name until she goes to school. The other children think her name is weird and she’s not so sure about liking her name anymore. But then the cool music teacher has a flower name as well, suddenly her name is wonderful. This book was written by Kevin Henkes, published by Greenwillow Press, c1991.

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